Thursday, March 13, 2008


My Puzzle Fix offers readers a free daily puzzle or word game. Here's how it works: You add your solution directly on each Puzzle Page as a comment. Answers are hidden (moderated) until the puzzle's scheduled end. Then our solution is revealed and winning answers are unmoderated. Build your rankings and compete with other players!

There are two types of puzzles. One has a "single solution." That means you either solve it completely, or you don't. To win a single solution puzzle, you must give the complete solution. The other has an "open solution." That means you try to get as many answers as possible. To win an open solution puzzle, you must have the most qualifying answers. Both types of puzzle can have an unlimited number of winners. Best players will be listed in the sidebar.

In an open solution puzzle, if a judgment needs to be made whether an answer is valid or not, I will make the final decision.

My Puzzle Fix was created by Robyn Broyles. Copyright 2008.

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