Friday, April 18, 2008

#23 Crypto Theme

Here in North America, baseball is here! Celebrate it by solving this Crypto Theme:

S D K F G    A L L A L I X

H S W K    W A S H O



R S L L G L K    F G Q S


T E B S    F Z L    M G H H

L G K A E L G H    G L K T S B


T E B S    K S G B

X K F A P S    E Z K    X J A L I A L I

Competition closed. Winner:


Thursday, April 17, 2008

#22 Scrambler

Since the last Scrambler puzzle was enjoyed by so many, here is another one, commemorating an event that occurred on this day in 1970.

Remember, to get a win point for your answer, you must give both the word list and the final answer.

Competition closed. Winner:


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

#21 Fit the Quote

For Wilbur Wright's 141st birthday, here is Fit the Quote puzzle with his words.

Click on the puzzle to enlarge.

Competition closed. Winner:


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

#20 Mini Crossword

If this site's statistics are reported correctly, today is a significant day for most visitors to this site. This miniature crossword may take the sting out of it. To post your solution as a comment, list the answers to just the across clues or just the down clues. Since the grid is fully interlocking, if you have one set, then you have the other.

NOTE: In response to a question about the rules and conventions used in this puzzle, a new post on rules for crosswords appearing on this site has been published.

1. Make lace
4. Breakfast food
6. Background actor
7. With 1-Down, a certainty
8. Draft org.

1. See 7-Across
2. Take the role of
3. Suits
4. Flower home
5. Uh-uh

Competition closed. Winners:

I Was Just Thinking...


Monday, April 14, 2008

What would you like to see?

What kind of puzzles do you like? What would you like to see, or see more of? For example, crosswords, word searches, word ladders, cryptograms, etc.

Every time I get ready to write a puzzle, I have to decide what type of puzzle to create. I want to create the puzzles that you want to solve! Tell me what you like.

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#19 Word ladder

Today's puzzle is a constricted word ladder. Change one letter at a time; each intermediate word (rung) must be a common word itself. I found two slightly different solutions to this puzzle; either will win.

From HELLO to BAITS (5 rungs)

Competition closed. Winners:

I Was Just Thinking (2 points for solving it with four rungs!)