Tuesday, April 15, 2008

#20 Mini Crossword

If this site's statistics are reported correctly, today is a significant day for most visitors to this site. This miniature crossword may take the sting out of it. To post your solution as a comment, list the answers to just the across clues or just the down clues. Since the grid is fully interlocking, if you have one set, then you have the other.

NOTE: In response to a question about the rules and conventions used in this puzzle, a new post on rules for crosswords appearing on this site has been published.

1. Make lace
4. Breakfast food
6. Background actor
7. With 1-Down, a certainty
8. Draft org.

1. See 7-Across
2. Take the role of
3. Suits
4. Flower home
5. Uh-uh

Competition closed. Winners:

I Was Just Thinking...

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Celia said...

I'm not sure this is right. "Act as" assumes the possibility of two-word answers, and "Torts" assumes you mean "sweets," unless there's a tort tux I'm not familar with.

1. Make lace- TAT
4. Breakfast food- BACON
6. Background actor- EXTRA
7. With 1-Down, a certainty- DEATH
8. Draft org.- SSS

1. See 7-Across- TAXES
2. Take the role of- ACT AS
3. Suits- TORTS
4. Flower home- BED
5. Uh-uh- NAH

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

1. Tat
4. Bacon
6. Extra
7. death
8. SSS
1. Taxes
2. Act as
3. Torts
4. Bed
5. Nah

RCB said...

Both of you are winners. Celia, "torts" in this case refers to legal suits. Gotcha!