Saturday, March 15, 2008

How to solve an Anagram List

An Anagram List is an open solution puzzle. A word or phrase is given, and the goal is to rearrange the letters to create as many new words as possible. The player or players with the most valid answers wins. Unless otherwise specified in the directions, valid answers have five or more letters and are not capitalized. Foreign words must be in ordinary use in English (for example, reservoir). Duplicate forms of the same word are not valid, except that one answer per part of speech may be listed, as long as they are not the same word. For example, labor (noun), laboring (verb), and laborious (adjective) may be listed, but labored, labors, etc. may not be added. Answers may consist of more than one word if the words together form a single common term. For example, nest egg is an acceptable answer, but not bluebird egg because it is not a common English term.

Only standard spellings are acceptable. You may use British spelling orAmerican spelling of a word (labour or labor), but not both. It's considered the same word, just different spellings. You do not have to be consistent throughout, however: you can use British spelling for some words and American spelling for others.


Celia said...

Are British English spellings allowed- labour, for example?

RCB said...

Re: British/American spelling: In short, yes. For details, see the now-edited post above.