Saturday, March 15, 2008

How to solve a Double Meaning

A Double Meaning is a single solution crossword variant. Each word entered into the diagram has two meanings (which may or may not be pronounced the same) with a clue for each meaning. Thus there are twice as many clues as entries into the diagram, and each clue has the same one-word answer as another clue. Clues are divided into across and down, but it is otherwise up to you to decide where each word belongs. Some words may fit into more than one part of the grid, but there is only one solution that places all the words into the grid.

Solving Strategies

First, go through the list of across clues and try to answer each one, writing the answer beside the clue. Look for the duplicates. Do the same with the down clues. Cross off each clue you have answered.

Next, try fit your across and down entries into the grid. Use the number of letters in each word and shared letters between across and down entries. Some entries may have only one possible place because there is no other entry with the same number of letters.

If you haven't filled in every entry, take the ones missing in the grid and compare their lengths and any letters from crossing words to the remaining clues. Continue until you complete the grid.

How to post your answer

Each entry in the grid is numbered. A list of numbers will be published as a comment for your convenience; copy and paste this list in your comment and place each word on the list. If two entries share a number, the across entry will have an "A" and the down answer will have a "D".

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