Tuesday, April 1, 2008

#12 Word Search

Today's puzzle is a word search. In the grid, cross out all the letters in the words as you find them. Words that appear in parentheses in the word list are just for clarification and are not found in the grid. When you are finished, write out the remaining letters in order, starting at the top left corner and working across the first line, then across the second line, etc. The result will be a quote by someone who was born on April 1. The solution is the quote. Please don't try to post a copy of the grid with the words circled. All I need is the quote, please!

Word list

April firstfake-outhumorpractical jokeslapstick
artfulfoolishhystericalprankspied (on)
comedyfunny bonejokerrisque (risqué)stunt
deceptiongood funlaughscam artisttease
faint (from shock)hilariousplayfulsillytrick

Competition closed. Winner:


The quote is by Otto Van Bismarck, born April 1, 1815.

1 comment:

Elijah said...

When you want to fool the world tell the truth.